Why Guys Who Take Tons of Selfies Should Concern You?

Why Guys Who Take Tons of Selfies Should Concern You?

Do you ever come across with guys who take selfies? It sure seems weird as we only see self-obsessed women taking tons of selfies. According to research conducted on men of age ranging from 18-40 found that most of them are not addicted to selfies, which means that they are usually not a selfie-taker. But if your friend, boyfriend or husband is one of those men who takes selfies every now and then, it is a point to be worried, and you should most probably not date those men who are addicted to selfies.

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You must be thinking, why not? What’s so bad about guys who take selfies? It is just something very unhealthy for anyone to be extremely obsessed with themselves.


If you dig into the phone’s gallery of a man, then you will find fewer photos of him. You will see him in group photos, family photos, or some event photos, but no regular images. It is so because men aren’t addicted to selfies.


Men who take selfies regularly is a red signal for women. Want to know why? Read below for calming your curiosity:


His habit of taking selfies can be directly related to his narcissism


Guys who take selfies more often are of narcissist nature. If a guy spends most of the time editing his photo before uploading it on social media, then he is narcissist. Boys with this nature are desperate for attention; that’s the reason why they keep posting selfies on social media. But when it comes to showing affection to others, they fail at it. These types of boys are not boyfriend/husband material.


Won’t give you much concentration


You might be thinking this is not true, though. But here’s a reason behind that too. A man or who is more concerned about his looks and poses for selfies will spend more of his time worrying about himself, not you. Even on romantic dates, he will spend most of the time worrying about his looks. It is the reason why you will never have a lot of attention from these types of boys.


Chances of him being selfish are skyrocketing


The possibilities are that he might be selfish. It is so because if he is spending most of his time worrying about his looks, then he is undoubtedly doing it for attention. In this case, most of the time, he will seek your attention, he will want you to talk about him, and he will never talk about you. Taking selfies are apparent traits of a selfish man.


He will always be insecure


These guys search for the opinion of the world. What they truly want is an escalated number of likes and comments on their post, and if they are not receiving much of it, then they will start feeling depressed thinking that their appearance is not good. And if you are the girl dating him, then you will surely have to listen to it. If you don’t want to get in such kind of drama, then avoid dating such men who take selfies most of the time for their digital identity.


He won’t live the moment


Just imagine you are on a date, and it’s a moment. You are so close to each other that you probably don’t want to lose the moment. But this guy takes out his phone to take a selfie; it will ruin the moment. And if you’re going to have a beautiful moment, then never go for dating a man who is addicted to selfies. A person who is addicted to taking selfies doesn’t live the moment; instead, all they want is a selfie of them to look good and show off.


He will keep on ignoring you


Ever thought how bad it would feel when you are talking to your boyfriend, but he is busy with his phone. It is the case with people who are addicted to taking selfies. These types of guys upload their photos more often on social media in order to increase their digital presence and stay active. So, they will spend most of their time checking their social media account for who liked his picture and who commented on it. The chances are that he will ignore you most of the time.


He values his online life more than real life


Most men generally care about their real life. They seem to enjoy the moment and don’t care about what their social footprint will be. But then comes to these men who take selfies. They are more desperate about seeking attention online. All they want is an endless focus on their photos. They desire everyone to see and get jealous of his edited looks. It is one of the key reasons why he will spend most of the time on social media rather than enjoying real-life moments.


He might be unfaithful


Imagine why a guy would post a lot of selfies when he already has a girlfriend. If he keeps uploading photos on social media, then he wants more attention from people around and especially other girls. In some cases, boys use selfies as a tool to boost their confidence, but if they are doing it too often, it can be a sign of him cheating on you. 


Are desperate for attention


These types of guys will take longer to get ready as they want to present themselves as the sexiest man in the room. They are desperate for attention, be it online or offline. If your boyfriend is taking more time to get dressed, then he is probably an attention seeker.  He will always try to have attention from all the people around them. They will also demand you to praise them most of the time and if you are not able to do so then they are most likely to get angry at you.


Capturing precious moments is beguiling but anything overdone is simply suffocation and an unhealthy behavior. We aspire you to observe and stay blessed with people who adore staying in the moment with you rather than the ones just clicking pictures about it.


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