Holy Grail Diet to stay fit by losing excess weight

Holy Grail Diet to stay fit by losing excess weight

Do you want to lose weight, but you are not able to do so? Why is it that exercising, yoga, and the strict diet still not helping you? Instead of losing weight, you are losing your mind and falling in depression due to no positive results. Worry no more, we are here to solve every health problem bugging you.

Firstly, let go of the myth that only starving will lose your excess weight. We will tell you what no one does. If you are a food lover, then don’t torture yourself with unnecessary less food to lose weight idea! Dieting is bluff, but if you want to lose weight and can’t cut on food items you consume, then you should eat a diet with high calories and low carbs.

A research was conducted on two groups of teenagers to test the food nutrients beneficial in losing weight. One group of teenagers were allowed to eat a diet with high calories but low carbohydrates. They were not allowed to eat more than 20g of carbs in a day for at least two weeks. Later, their carbohydrate intake was increased to 40g per day.

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The other group of teenagers were allowed to have a diet low in calories and high in carbs. As a result, they craved for food. They consumed way more than the first group of teenagers. From the research, it was concluded that the first group of teenagers featured the loss in weight while the second group has an increase in body weight. If you want to lose weight, then you should consume a diet with high calories and low carbs.

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Why does everybody want to lose weight?

You are considered healthy if you have a toned body with a good physique. And that’s the truth, having a bulging belly has never been robust, although the people in olden days consider this as a sign of healthy living.

Food with high calories and low carb intake

Well, guys! you need not search on the internet too long for the food recipes to lose weight. Here we are with a well-researched article with best food recipes with high calories and low carb intake.

Consuming the right number of calories keep your stomach full and do not make you crave for more food. You can also add protein to your diet if you want to enhance the muscle growth of your body. Muscles play a crucial role in judging the health factor of a body. So, it ismandatory to include small portions of protein to your meals.

We will also be mentioning some food rich in proteins you can prefer having if you want to lose weight


Eggs are the perfect source of calories while being low in carbohydrates. Having eggs in your breakfast can keep you energized for a more extended period while not making you want for more food.


Nuts are a recommended food diet when it comes to body building. Nuts are a rich source of dietary fiber and calories while having a low carb intake. Nuts are also a good source of protein. Having nuts with your breakfast or in between your meals, then you are most likely to reduce weight in the fastest way possible.

Dark chocolate

How many of you adore chocolate? One cannot resist chocolates, especially dark chocolate. Chocolate has also been considered as a way to express love to someone. But do you guys know that dark chocolates are healthy? Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants, which is beneficial for your brain. While chocolates have high sugar content, you should choose one with high cocoa. Cocoa is rich in high calories while keeping the carb intake low.


Often regarded as fruits, avocado is the healthiest food one can have. Avocados are rich in fiber and potassium and also have a high-calorie intake while keeping carb content low. This is the best high calories, and low carb food one can prefer having.


Walnuts are low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamin E. Walnuts have heat protecting omega fats to keep your heart healthy.


Cheese is also an excellent low carb high-calorie food. Although all the cheeses are not healthy. One should avoid having processed ‘plastic’ cheeses as they contain chemicals and preservatives, which are unhealthy for your health.


The cream consists of 3% of carb, which makes it the food item with the lowest carb content. It is the healthiest dessert one can have to keep the calories intake high.


Yogurt is a rich source of protein and healthy probiotics. Avoid having low-fat fruit yogurt as they are high in sugar. In such yogurt, one serving has approximately 20g of sugar, i.e., four tablespoon of sugar per serving.

These were some of the food items with high calories and low carb one can prefer having in case you want to lose weight.

Diet with protein

As we discussed, proteins are also essential food items when it comes to losing weight. Mentioned below are some food items. One should prefer having to have a protein-rich diet.

Soya chunks

Soya chunks are the food items with the highest protein content. Protein content in the soya chunks is the highest, even more than that of chicken. Soya chunks have 52g of protein per 100g serving. If you are a vegetarian and you want to have a protein-rich diet, then prefer having soya chunks.


Out teachers always told us to have milk, it is so because milk is full of nutrients. Paneer is the end product of milk, and it is rich in protein.


Whey protein comes from milk. It is an essential protein when it comes to bodybuilding, and you can get whey only from milk.

Why struggling in life to have a perfect body when you have us? Follow these food items with high calories and low carb to lose weight. Let us eat fresh and live a healthy stress-free life.

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