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How to tell if you have a high maintenance husband

Are your friends saying that they have a high maintenance husband or low maintenance husband? Ever wondered where does your husband lie in this category? It might feel challenging to judge between the two, but it is not. It is an easy task to determine what kind of husband you are having. Here, we will be discussing the tips to know whether you have a high maintenance husband or low maintenance husband. We will also be discussing some ways to manage this situation.

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Qualities that your husband will possess if he is high maintenance:


Demands for an instant reply to his message


If you have a high maintenance husband, then he will always want you to answer in the meantime. If he texts you and asks for an immediate response or gets angry when you do not reply for a long time, then surely your husband is high maintenance.


Always asks for ‘I love you’ several times a day


Ever thought why your husband would ask for ‘I love you’ many times a day? You might feel like its normal between husband and wife. But it’s a clue for your husband being high maintenance type.


Your husband is always late


If your husband reaches late on occasion, then it is a clear case of high maintenance husband. If your husband arrives on time, then he is undoubtedly a low maintenance one.


Stay longer in bathroom


The habit of your husband to stay longer in the bathroom should always concern you of him being high maintenance. Usually, men don’t spend much in the bathroom, and these types are mostly low maintenance types. But if your husband is spending a long time in the bathroom, then in such a case he might prove to be high maintenance types.


Take care and worry a lot about their looks


Well, it is common for women to take care of their looks. But if a man is doing so, then it’s a sure case of him being high maintenance. Men usually don’t tend to care about their looks, but if yours is doing so, then he might be a high maintenance husband. 


Don’t use public transport much


Men always worry about saving money, that’s the reason they like to use public transport for their daily traveling. If your man doesn’t prefer traveling with public transport, then it is a sign of him being high maintenance.


Doesn’t go out without styling their hair


Men don’t always worry about how their hair looks. They only need to comb their hair once and they are ready for the whole day. But if your husband stays a lot of time in front of a mirror styling his mirror, then chances are he might be a high maintenance type.


Don’t like to walk anywhere


As already discussed above, men prefer saving the money for which they use public transport for their daily traveling. Even most of the men prefer walking to prevent expenses over traveling. But if yours do not prefer walking, then he is undoubtedly a high maintenance husband.


Will eat only in 5-star restaurants


Isn’t it spooky when a man prefers eating in a 5-star restaurant? 95% of men love to save money to watch movies, games and other important things. They are not fixated on such matters such as choosing star restaurants and if your husband mostly prefers eating in a 5-star restaurant, then surely, he is high maintenance.


Does not like to get dirty and sweaty


Getting sweaty and dirty are characteristics of men; it is so because men do physical activities a lot, which makes them sweaty and dirty. But if your man does not like to have that sweat at all, then it is a sure case of him being a high maintenance husband.


We aspire the above information helped you to notice whether your husband is a high maintenance type of not. Now, you can observe the ways in which you can easily deal with this situation.


How to deal with a high maintenance husband?


It is complicated to deal with a high maintenance husband, but still, you somehow need to manage with him. Well, here we are with some tips to guide you in managing a high maintenance husband.


Show your belief in him


Men have high self-esteem, and in the case of a high maintenance man, self-esteem is way more than a low maintenance one. You should never try to hurt his self-esteem, and you can do this by showing your belief towards his abilities.


Accept your husband for who he is


Trying to change the core personality of your husband might end up hurting him and making him angry. Because for most men, if someone is trying to improve their character, then they believe it is a case of rejection. Always accept your husband for who he is, never try to change him.


Always give positive feedbacks for his effort


Most of the men want to get appreciated for their efforts; they always want someone to pat their back and praise them. Being a wife, you can always try to give positive feedback for all his undertakings; this will not only help him work harder next time but will also keep him healthy.


Always trust him


Everybody in the world wants to be trusted, be it, men or women. You should always try to have faith in him. If you have a mutual trust in a relationship, then it is most likely to last longer and grow happier with time.


Show him that you understand him very well


Everyone wants to open up their problems to their partners. Mostly man fears sharing their thoughts, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to share their issues with you. You should create an environment for him to feel comfortable and open up his problem to you.


It is never too bad to have a high maintenance husband. If he is then you should adore and love to maintaining him like Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S told us all how he loved ‘maintainingMonica.

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