How To End A Relationship When You Live Together?

How To End A Relationship When You Live Together?

How to tell someone it’s over? If your mind is revolving around this question, it is already too late to fix things. Love is one of the most beguiling and powerful things in this universe. When you are in love, everything seems enchanting and alluring. You are lucky if the person you love reciprocates the same feelings with honesty. It is also true, you cannot find love outside, if you do not love yourself.

We always settle in those relationships that our subconscious mind feels we deserve. If you are in a toxic relationship and every breathe you takes is becoming heavier, leave. It may sound harsh, but this is the only thing that can bring you peace. Your heart knows what you deserve. Coming out of a toxic relationship is hard. Breaking up is difficult; especially when you are living together. So, now the question is, how to tell someone it’s over? But before that; let us get deeper into the roots if this decision.

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Why someone ends a relationship?

Ever thought why someone ends a relationship that they have been living for so long? Well, there are many reasons one can say that they need a breakup. Some of the most common reasons that may end the relationship are:

  • You are not happy with a relationship:Nothings matters if you do not feel special or happy in a relationship. When love is true, no matter what happens; your happiness is eternal.
  • You keep on doubting your partner:Ever happened that your mind whispered to you that your partner is cheating on you? or did you ever feel that their decision is wrong? If such thoughts keep pondering over your mind, then your heart demands the breakup from your current relationship.
  • If you are not communicating: Communication is mandatory no matter what! If you or your partner lack communication, misunderstandings escalate. Nothing can save a couple who don’t communicate.
  • Your friends are telling you to break up: 90% of the breakup happens because of friends who ask you to break up. A friend can see what we cannot be in a relationship. Your friends always want the best thing for you. Listen to their advice if you trust your friends.
  • Signs from the friends of your partner: Be it, men or women, both share their thoughts and secrets with friends. If your partner wants to end a relationship with you, he/she might have told their friend that they want to break up with you. And at some point, in time, their friend will signal you about it.
  • You are not close anymore: Does your partner kiss you every time they wake up? Is kissing common between you both? Do you show the feeling of romance? If you do, then you are living a healthy relationship. In the beginning, your partner might be a little too nervous about being close, so don’t think that you are not living a healthy relationship. However, if your relationship is older than a month, and still you aren’t close enough, then your relationship is not a happy one. If you are not close enough even though you used to be previously, then it is a sign of break up.

Now, you know some of the primary reasons to breakup.

‘How to tell someone it’s over?’ this question might suck, and you might keep searching on the internet for breaking up. But most of the search results are useless that you will never think of even trying.Let’s discuss how to end a relationship when you live together:

Plan the situation

You might think that why it is essential to plan a situation when it is just a breakup? Well, it might be a breakup for you, but another person might be attached to it. You don’t know how they will react and how you will react following their reaction. Plan such a situation that it won’t hurt them too much. Though it is a breakup, eventually, which will end up hurting you both but, planning a situation where both of you don’t get hurt much will be a good move.

Know what to say

Most people get confused when it comes to what to say while breaking up. Have a list ready with you of what you are going to say while you break up, also keep your answers to the reaction of another party-ready.

Be straight to the point

Don’t ever try to mess things up with the useless conversation. Be straight to the point that you want to end the relationship. The other person will try to distract you into another conversation but be straight forward.

Be firm to your decision but also show politeness

To break up, you need to stay firm on your choice. No matter what the reaction of the other party may be, they may try to consolidate you saying that ‘things will work out together’ or by saying ‘let’s give some more time to our relationship,’ but if you want to break up then you need to have a stronghold of your decision. Also, try to be polite. If you are respectful, then another person will never think that he/she was guilty of having a bad relationship.

Never try to downgrade your relationship

What most couples try to do is stay friends even after they break up. You should never do this. If you are doing so, then you will never feel like the relationship ever ended. Don’t give false hope at all.

Here are some mandatory points you need to keep in mind after you end a relationship when you live together:

  • Don’t try to stalk the social accounts of your ex.
  • Never jump into another relationship just after a day or two, as this might end up having a cheat note on you.
  • Block all the contacts of your extemporarily, just in case you don’t talk with him/her very soon.
  • Pick up a new hobby just in case you do not feel alone.
  • Never try to text your ex after you break up even in a case, he/she texts you or tries to contact you.

Letting go may seem heartbreaking, but it is the first step towards a non-toxic life. Stay blessed and learn from each bad decision you take. Also, no matter what happens; always believe in yourself.

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