Hi, I am a believer, a blogger, and your friend. I am also a proud mother of two alluring kids.

I created this blog as an enchanting way to connect with everyone.  I have a knack of using words and inspiring people about relationships, beauty, fashion, travel and just about everything!

Consider me as your that one sister who has numerous exciting stories to express, guide and help you out in your daily lifestyle.

This is the safe place where I adore sharing every bit and piece of my life’s adventure, my thoughts which can inspire and guide you all.

It all started back when I used to write my diary and express everything privately in it. Later, one day my friend read it (as a joke obviously!) to tease me. It was hella embarrassing! While going through the stuff I wrote, she suddenly told me to share it with everyone instead of just pilling up numerous diaries (Yes, I am a passionate writer and I am addicted to writing).

At first, I hesitated but it occurred to me that it is not a bad idea. If what I write can help everyone around me and people from all around this planet then why not? And now, I’m here! The sole existence of my digital identity is to try to make your life happier and easier.

In my view, life is a privilege, a gift from God and no matter what happens we should always stay connected and share our thoughts as much as we can. Go out, date, travel, have fun, make friends, study, grow and most importantly, be proud!

Be optimistic and Stay blessed!

P.S. This blog belongs to a common woman with a queen’s heart who never gives up and will motivate you forever in this context.